Moral Leader

Experience and research

Moral Leaders learn by asking and conversations

Our approach stems from lessons on technology and ethics with students and professionals. The (digital) marketers of the future understand well the ethical issues that technology brings with it. Barbara Grosz, Higgins Research professor at Harvard (Pazzanese, 2020), says: “What we need is for enough students to learn to use ethical thinking during design to make a difference in the world.”

We work based on the moral values compass. To get there, we make people aware of what is currently happening in the field of ethics and technology. We explain why it is important and what leadership opportunities we see in this regard.

Online publications about moral leadership

Multipe articles on Moral Leadership and Moral Values Compass on Marketingfacts (in Dutch, use a online translator):

Books and other offline publications on Moral Leadership

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  • Hot Topic 4: Moral Marketing Values Compass, p. 419 – 444. Alma, A. & Nijhuis, N. Marketingfacts Jaarboek (Yearbook) 2022 – 2023, Marketingfacts B.V.

Presentations en workshop about moral leader and moral leadership

  • Moral Leadership in Marketing. Presentation on NIMA Marketing Day 2021
  • Workshop Moral Leadership for NIMA on Windesheim University op apllied sciences