Moral Leader

Ethics and accountability in AI: An In-depth Exploration

Explore the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with a focus on ethics and accountability. We prioritize awareness and transparency in our approach, providing a unique perspective on the positive impact of AI for all

Deciphering the Complexity of AI

In our workshop, we delve into the complex world of AI. We specifically target the hidden assumptions, blind spots, and biases that often infiltrate AI models. Learn how to tackle these obstacles with effective prompting techniques, and immediately apply each lesson to your situation

Key Themes for Responsible AI Use

We highlight five critical themes surrounding responsible AI use, including the ecological footprint of Large Language Models (LLMs). Discover techniques to reduce bias in AI, explore the AI ecosystem, and delve into the ethical dilemmas prevalent in the AI industry. Thereby covering the field of ethics and accountability in AI.

Ethics in AI: Standards, Values, and Moral Considerations

A pivotal part of our workshop is aligning personal and organizational standards and values through moral reflection. We discuss integrating ethical considerations into AI usage, ensuring fair treatment of all stakeholders, and aiming for a balanced distribution of profits and losses to make a real impact.

Workshop participants engaging in an interactive AI ethics discussion, highlighting strategies for reducing bias and ensuring transparency in AI applications.

Legal Requirements and Transparency in AI

Learn how to meet legal requirements and emphasize the importance of transparency in AI usage. We conclude with strategies for an ethical and effective application of AI in your daily work, focusing on practical usability.

Prepare for a Future with AI

Our goal is to provide a clear and fair overview of both the opportunities and responsibilities associated with AI usage. With a strong focus on ethics and practical tools, we help you integrate AI into your work in a responsible and successful manner. Don’t miss this opportunity.

Practical Information about ‘Ethics and accountability in AI’

  • Duration: negotiable, standard 1.5 to 2 hours
  • Location: online (via our partner or in-house
  • Number of participants: maximum 12
  • Investment: depending on location and desired duration; between €987 and €1487 (for locations in NL)